Practice Exam #1

Quiz #1: Residential Square Footage

Measuring square footage in a single-family dwelling is an important part of listing any residential property. Buyers, sellers, agents, appraisers, and many others, all rely on the accuracy of your square footage information. Take this short quiz to find out how well you measure up on size and calculating residential square footage.

Q. “Below Grade” is defined as:

Q. What is NAR’s new “ultimate information resource” set to be released in 2010, which will provide access to tax and assessment data; property data; neighborhood, demographic and psychographic information; maps, trends and reports; and zoning, permits, environmental, neighborhoods, and school districts - and be exclusive to members of NAR?

Q. “Finished” square footage is defined as:

Q. Most states provide continuing education for all the following, Except:

Q. As a rule of thumb, measurements should be taken in tenths of a foot using the rounding “rule” of:

Q. “Modular” home construction:
Q. A Bay window is defined by all the following, Except:
Q. When measuring an attached garage:
Q. “GLA” or “gross living area” should not be confused with finished or  heated square footage. GLA (while finished and heated) must also be:

Q. “GLA” or “gross living area” should be reported as and is defined as; space which is: 

Q. In order to properly calculate the square footage of a dormer:

Q. Public records provide:

Q. Which of the following is NOT a reliable source of square footage information?

Q. Square footage provides:

Q. If earth is adjacent to any portion of any wall:

Q. The “MLS” database:

Q. What photos are recommended and should be included within the closed or sold “MLS” information?

Q. To create the equivalent of an exterior measurement, using interior  dimensions only (as a rule of thumb):